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I'll Review Your Resume

For the last year, at my current workplace, Exove (by the way, we are hiring: Careers), one of my duties has been to evaluate job applications to see if we want to proceed with them and invite them to an interview. This usually means going through their submitted materials, the resume and quite frequently a cover letter and then making a decision.

Over the course of a year, I'd estimate that I've gone through close to a hundred different applicants. Some better than others, and some quite bad to be honest, and not just technology wise, but also what's in the resume, what's not, and what it's trying to say to the person who's responsible for hiring.

Spelling, grammar, phrasing, layout, look, etc., there are many things that go into a good resume, and I'd like to share that knowledge.

My plan, some months ago, was to create a website where people could submit their resumes and they would be reviewed by other people, but there are many issues with this approach (that I'll perhaps one day write about as well).

So that was a no go.

Instead I'd like to offer fellow developers, especially people just starting out, a more personalised type of service. If you email me your resume and other materials you are planning to submit as part of an application to hello (at) rihards (dot) com and I'll get back to you with feedback and my thoughts on them.

Completely free of charge.