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On the topic of Resumes / CVs

For the last year at my current workplace, (Exove, by the way we are hiring: Careers), one of my responsibilities has been to evaluate job applications and see if we are going to proceed with the candidate. This usually means going through the submitted materials such as the resume and quite frequently a cover letter.

Over the course of a year I’d estimate that I’ve gone through close to a hundred different applicants. The quality, as expected varies a lot. Content, spelling, grammar, how things are phrased, the way it’s layed out, even the look, etc., there are many things that go into a good resume.

It got me thinking, when I started my career in IT I would have loved for someone to bounce ideas around with. In fact looking back at some of my older resumes I would have loved for someone to just say, “I wouldn’t recommend that, for reasons X and Y” and “I think you should go more in detail in this section because of X and Y”.

So if you ever feel like bouncing some ideas around, and getting an opinion, feel free to reach out. You can find me on the usual social networks, or you can send me an email at hello (at) rihards (dot) com and I’ll get back to you.